Dial Before You Dig

Any excavation, irrespective of size, has the potential to damage underground natural gas pipelines located around the work site, leading to service interruptions, delays to the project, costly repairs and in the worst-case scenario, injury or death.

Before you start any excavation, it is very important to know the exact location and the depth of Natural Gas pipelines to ensure it does not get damaged during the excavation. Natural Gas pipelines transport gas at a very high pressure, any damage to the pipeline may lead to an accident which can cause injuries and may even result in death. Never start digging without determining the location of the pipelines.

Ishar Gas will help you with all the necessary information / plans concerning the underground pipelines.

Please note that the individual or the company will be held responsible legally, financially and otherwise if negligence by the individual or the company appears to be a contributor in case the underground pipeline or other related equipment is damaged.